59: SaunaCast: Katie and Heather Talk Goals, Parenting & Saunas


Katie and Heather from Mommypotamus.com sit down for the first ever SaunaCast. Why the name? They recorded this episode from inside a sauna (in the thirty minutes before they tapped out from the heat!).

In this Episode, they Discus:

  • Why they are recording inside a 153 degree sauna in the first place
  • What their kids got for Christmas (hint: experiences as gifts)
  • A fun way to give experiences with a physical gift
  • What they think is the most important skill to teach children in today’s world
  • The reason Katie isn’t making any goals or resolutions this year
  • The value of experiments over goals for certain personality types
  • Why they both have (and love) saunas
  • The benefits of Sauna Therapy- See Heather’s post and Katie’s post on this
  • 6 tips for starting sauna use
  • When fasting is a good thing

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