60: Deep Nutrition and the Four Pillars of Health


Cate Shanahan M.D, author of Deep Nutrition (one of my favorite books), is a board-certified family physician. She trained in biochemistry and genetics at Cornell University before attending Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. For ten years, she practiced medicine in Hawaii, where she studied ethnobotany and the culinary habits of her healthiest patients.

Her own health crisis led her to re-evaluate her understanding of the body and the importance of certain types of food. She currently runs a metabolic health clinic in Denver, Colorado and serves as the Director of the Los Angeles Lakers PRO Nutrition Program. Her mission is to highlight and create change around the fact that our modern diet may literally be altering our DNA and changing the future of humanity:

In a sense, our lifestyles teach our genes how to behave. In choosing between healthy or unhealthy foods and habits, we are programming our genes for either good or bad conduct. Scientists are identifying numerous techniques by which two sets of identical DNA can be coerced into functioning dissimilarly.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What one food you should absolutely avoid at all costs
  • The four pillars of every traditionally healthy culture (and how to get these benefits in the modern world)
  • The biggest problem with the conventional medical model, but why it isn’t your doctor’s fault
  • More evidence that saturated fat isn’t the enemy
  • How food directs our cellular growth and how food can alter our DNA
  • Why a family history of cancer or heart disease doesn’t mean you’ll get it too
  • How Dr. Cate became the LA Lakers go-to for nutrition

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